What if fear had won?

What if Henry Ford had said I’m afraid of trying to mass produce cars.

If Jonas Salk had said I’m afraid to attempt a polio vaccine.

If Steve Jobs had said I’m afraid no one will want a personal computer.

To paraphrase the great Roman philosopher Seneca, “Fear sucks.”

Because fear limits and pollutes and ultimately destroys freedom.

Not just potential but freedom.

Freedom to create and think and fail and try and fail again and try again.

We are not in the insurance business.

Insurance is something guys in black and white movies from the 40s did in large, sterile offices.

We are in the potential business.

Which means we are in the kicking fear’s ass business.

Want to grow crops in the dessert? Let’s talk.

Want to build a solar-powered plane and fly it around the globe? How’s lunch?

Want to make computer-generated cartoons and call yourself Pixar? We’re in.

Conquering fear and achieving greatness isn’t just about daring.

It’s about someone allowing you to dare.

We believe that’s us.

Women and men who think new ideas and big data and the relentless pursuit of intelligence can change the world.

So we set out each day to outsmart fear of the unknown, the known, the complex, the international, the multinational, the minute, the massive.

We exist to help you do what you were meant to do.

And you can’t do that if you’re afraid to try.

What are you afraid of?

Mister CEO. Ms. CFO. Operations manager. Car manufacturer. Crop grower. Airline industry compliance officer. Prime Minister. Software maker. Mother.

Because the opposite of fear isn’t security.

It’s optimism.